Genre: Black Metal/Death/Thrash
Label: Sepulchral Voice Records
Year: 2019

Reveal! is both the coolest and weirdest band you never thought you have been missed out there. In a career lasting less than 8 years, they managed to deliver their third full length studio “Scissorgod” and the majority of the metal mass hasn’t heard a single note from them. Here on Metal Invader we have been welcomed their three years ago sophomore album entitled “Flystrips”, as we were able to understand their deranged quality. Before we talk about the music let’s focus on their artwork cover, that if someone can tell me what it exactly shows, I must sent him a copy of the album and the address of a nearby his house shrink. Thankfully their compositions are also totally crazy and peculiar or even shocking. I must admit that the songs are brave, experimental and extreme with strange elements been blended with bizarre structure that refuses to stay in a box or following any rules. Only one song (“Down Through the Hole,”) can be described with accuracy as black metal and even their base is a sort of (weird) black metal in the veins of Darkthrone, truth be told most compositions lack from an obvious direction (“Feeble Hearts” has this jungle beats mixed with post punk guitars, to name one strange mixture!). Is this something negative? Definitely not! As all songs are building with strong doses of personality -even we are dealing with a sick one-, the final result is something unique, raw and twisted. As it should be your next buy…check also the songs “Harder, Harder”, “Clevermouth” , “What Pig Gets” and “Scissorgod”.