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Genre: Death
Country: Sweden
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Year: 2020

Revolting is one of my favorite Swedish death metals bands and the best band, personally speaking, where the great musician called Rogga Johansson is involved(here is referred as Revolting Rogga). ‘The Shadow Of The World’s End’ is the 7th album of the band in the thirteen years of their existence.

In this album we won’t find any serious change than its predecessor and the classic sound the band has established through the years. Pure old school Swedish sounding death metal with evil melodies that the great Dismember has provided in the past (‘1888’ is a very characteristic example). I loved ‘Defleshed’ as I believe that is one of the best songs the band has ever composed. ‘Sorrow As Companion’ has a death’ n’ roll vibe on its chorus that makes the song attractive. ‘Daggers That Mimic Life’s Pain’ breeds an addictive melancholy. I could use endless compliments as the album has a very beautiful flow and the songs are the very least enjoyable. We should also mention the beautiful artwork from Juanjo Castellano (Black Dahlia Murder, Soulskinner and more).

Revolting are stubborn, their style is similar from album to album, but who really cares when the music is blasting? For me ‘The Shadow Of The World’s End’ is one of the best death metal albums for 2020 and death metal fans should not hesitate to give it a listen.