Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: F.D.A. Rekotz
Year: 2015

Mr. Revolting Rogga (a.k.a. Rogga Johansson) is something more than a loyal servant to death metal. For those who don’t know what we are talking about; Rogga has played in more than 20 bands and with some of the most great musicians of the genre, such as Dave Ingram (Bolt Thrower, Benediction, Down Among The Dead), Paul Speckman (Johansson & Speckman), Kam Lee (The Grotesquery, Bone gnawer) and more.

Although I am a big fan of the whole Rogga’s career I have to admit that Revolting is my favorite band of all those who has ever involved with and albums such as “The Terror Threshold” (2010) and the amazing “Hymns of Ghastly Horror” (2012) are very often visitors to my stereo. I’m excited for being in position to review the new album of the band, “Visages of the Unspeakable”, a classic sounding death metal album the way Revolting has used to perform through the years. Melodic, in a very unique way, and as brutal and raw as it should be, no more no less. If we had to refer to the band’s influences, we should think of bands such as Edge of Sanity and Unleashed, but the group has a very personal sound. The great work in guitars is the absolute highlight, with leads that haunt the listener; “Caverns of Ancient Horror” is just a simple example! Listen to “The Whispers of the Hanged”, what a marvelous chorus indeed! The piano parts of “Fathoms Unto Forever” are sensational! I can make comments of triumph for every single track of all of the 8 songs included!

The lads for once more release an album at such a high level as they do it since their beginning. If you are not keen with their music don’t hesitate to take a taste, if you like them from the past, you will adore “Visages of the Unspeakable” too.