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Swedish death metallers Ribspreader, led by Rogga Johansson, are going to release ‘Crawl And Slither’ as a full length via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, on July 12th. Check the cover artwork and the tracklist.

1. Breeder Of The Dead
2. Horrid Ascension
3. Crawl And Slither
4. Dead Reign Rotting
5. Maggotman
6. Time Heals Only Flesh
7. Cauterized And Lobotomized
8. A Night To Dismember
9. Blödarsjuk

The release consists of two previously unreleased ‘Eps ‘Crawl And Slither’ and ‘Blödarsjuk’. The group presents the song ‘Crawl And Slither’, you can listen below: