2015. February. Detroit. A night so cold all the dog shit in the basement was frozen. Metal punks strangled by daily ennui light a candle in the frosty basement. All the rats went scurrying around for shelter when the amps kicked on. And amid the shit and the vomit and alcohol, the SFer’s began to play demonic rock! Mark Kuro from Anguish had his Dunwich Analog Mobile Studio so a demo was made. Then it was buried by time and (white) dust…until now! Exhumed from obscure hell by Dystopian Dogs and released on 200 red foil cassette tapes never to be pressed again…This is Shitfucker at their most ruff & ready, a tantalizing tasteless teazer of what’s to come on the upcumming full-length “Sex With Dead Body”.