Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2019

Riot’s Archives Volume 4: 1988-1989, is the 4th part from their glorious collection of unreleased material. This part has plethora of late 80’s stuff from the band. These are the early stages of the songs later appeared on Riot’s album The Privilege Of Power (1990). While the recordings are actually pre-production demos, as they have almost excellent sound quality I believe that most of these demo-rough mixes are better than the final versions. The Privilege Of Power is the seventh studio album by the Americans and it was released in February 28, 1990. It was a bit more experimental than their previous efforts, as being an attempt at a concept album. Mostly the Press and their fans back then were annoying by the horn section that was used on some of the tracks. But after 30 years we can say with confidence that it is a great and totally underrated album. Perhaps some stupid guys on the marketing section of their label or from their management destroyed the   commercial perspective of the record. With songs like “On Your Knees”, “Runaway”, “Storming The Gates Of Hell” or “Killer” (with vocalist Tony Moore singing a duet with Joe Lynn Turner) and in addition to the 4-track demos of Dance Of Death, Black Leather And Glittering Steel, Runaway and the cover on Deep Purple’s classic Smoke On The Water, where the final result is quite different than the final song versions, makes buying Archives Volume 4: 1988-1989 almost a must for every Riot fan.