Genre: Hardcore Punk
Country: U.K.
Label: Raging Records / Soul Force Records
Year: 1988

Ripcord are a rather peculiar case, because although English in origin, they play very close to the American ones, strictly early blasts that is, and speeds in duplicate. With the occasional breakdowns, equally precocious and full of rage, in 1988’s ‘Harvest Hardcore’ they deliver lessons, in a way less their own, perhaps, equally enjoyable, however. Meaning, “Can’t You See”, riff and chastisement epitome and legacy from the youth of Manchester, as we learn, and after comes “Boling Point ” from SSD, homage so we can move on. More generally, apart from this, for a more personal touch, check ‘Defiance Of Power’ of 1987 and ‘Poetic Justice’ of 1988. In this though, one sees their own take and the influence of the American sound, the tangle with Crossover and English punk, so about appetite it seems, if you prefer the “genuine” or the very good copy, with any reservation of the use of the word, just for the sake of brevity.