Rocka Rollas - Pagan Rituals

Genre: Heavy / Power / Speed Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Stormspell Records
Year: 2015

It’s the fourth full length album for the “productive” Rocka Rollas and things seem to not have changed much. The band continues in the same irrepressible Heavy / Power High Speed style and the unambiguous European attitude. As classic, Running Wild (early 90s era), Helloween until the first “Keeper” and early Blind Guardian (mainly in polyphonic) are here. The package is flawless, concerning its production and the band’s efficiency. The sound is “crystal”, “sharp”, which brings out their music and ideas. Melodious, memorable leads, polyphonic choruses – hymns, torrents of drums, riffs as “lightning” (or “razors”, whatever you prefer) and a general drive for building a momentum. The vocals belong to the Kai Hansen “school” and act in harmony with the style of Rocka Rollas. Everything is nice up until now. Let’s go now to the great question. What do the tracks offer us? Is there a hymn that will make its listener explode? I keep listening to the album over and over again to find that one track that will surpass my beloved “Riding Wild” (you “catch” the innuendo) but unfortunately I cannot hear something like that. There are very good moments in the songs (the half chorus in “Viking Lord” “kills” but I cannot say the same for the verse), I hear good leads (like the outstanding guitar solo in “Pagan Ritual”), impetuous riffs (the introduction of “Lost in the Enchanted Forest” as its verse belongs to the high class, yet the chorus is “suffering”). The track that will grab you by your neck and throw you to the floor violently is hard to be found. Is it a bad record? Certainly not. It’s not possible for this band to do such a bad thing. I just miss that song that would blow everything up. Listen and move responsibly.