Genre: Heavy / Speed Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Stormspell Records
Year: 2014

The almighty speed / heavy, Rocka Rollas, return once again to cause heart attacks with their speed. After their 2011 and 2013 full length albums (“The War Of Steel Has Begun” and “Metal Strikes Back”), it is time to embrace “The Road to Destruction” released on September 30th via Stormspell Records.

“The Road to Destruction” consists of 10 tracks with a total runtime of 43:39 minutes. Their patterns are more or less obvious; they bring back that powerful speed metal from the 80’s-90’s. The album sounds like a combo between Running Wild, Grave Digger, Scanner, Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray. Even though their former vocalist departed from the band, no damage has been done, as Cederick took over and did a great job! The album is fully energetic, with a lot of great moments, moving between mid – tempo and full speed attacks. The guitars are fast and furious and the solos are plenty and wild! The band has done a great job with the choruses, enriching them with light choirs and making them sing – along. As a result they stuck with you for a great deal of time. The sound is crystal clear, the production is clean, the mastering is great. One of the record’s best moments is the cover of Magnum’s track “Kingdom Of Madness”. The band has made it its own, injecting its energy, speed and emotion, making it sound heavier.

Definitely, one of the great releases in its field for the year. Worth – checking for those who devoted to the genre!