Genre: Hardcore Punk/Sludge
Country: Romania
Label: –
Year: 2017

We are living in an age of information, with limitless data passing in front of our eyes, helping us to discover new releases from the most impossible (ok, maybe not so impossible) source. Sometimes it happens from youtube suggestions, World Demise being such an example, or by facebook friends’ feed, the way I learnt about Deszcz. Ropeburn from Romania, with their debut “Boundaries of Self Indulgence, belong to the latter case. A rotation of slow and fast parts creates a claustrophobic feeling of pessimism. Their vocals, a combination of crust with screamo elements make that feeling even more obvious. Their lyrics, if one takes the time to read them, express, in a similar way, the complete disappointment, the emptiness humans often feel in their try to become part of our society. All in all a pretty good diy release that dares to say what many people feel but either don’t have the words to express it or don’t want to admit it, fearing the emptiness of their existence. An emptiness we feed with self-indulgence in theoretical, but in reality non-existent, boundaries.