Rotting Christ’s grandiose performance in Thessaloniki is only a few hours away. Since the band announced an extra Athenian show based on their debut Holy Trinity (Thy Mighty Contract, Non Serviam, Triarchy of the Lost Lovers), Metal Invader presents to some merely unnoticed, underrated and almost never played live tracks, as a friendly reminder of what is due to unfold on stage.

You My Flesh (Sleep of the Angels – 1999)

The Old Coffin Spirit (Passage to Arcturo – 1991)

Der Perfekte Traum (Sleep of the Angels – 1999)

You My Cross (Sanctus Diavolos – 2004)

His Sleeping Majesty (Thy Mighty Contract – 1993)

Out of Spirits (A Dead Poem – 1997)

Shadows Follow (Triarchy of the Lost Lovers – 1996)

Sorrowful Farewell (A Dead Poem – 1997)

You Are I (Khronos – 2000)

The Mystical Meeting (Passage to Arcturo – 1991)