Due to the announcement of Rotting Christ’s addition to the Athens Rocks 2023 billing, Metal Invader presents to some merely unnoticed, underrated and almost never played live tracks, as a friendly reminder of what is due to unfold on stage.

You My Flesh (Sleep of the Angels – 1999)

The Old Coffin Spirit (Passage to Arcturo – 1991)

Der Perfekte Traum (Sleep of the Angels – 1999)

You My Cross (Sanctus Diavolos – 2004)

His Sleeping Majesty (Thy Mighty Contract – 1993)

Out of Spirits (A Dead Poem – 1997)

Shadows Follow (Triarchy of the Lost Lovers – 1996)

Sorrowful Farewell (A Dead Poem – 1997)

You Are I (Khronos – 2000)

The Mystical Meeting (Passage to Arcturo – 1991)