Genre: Doom / Death metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Godz ov War Productions
Year: 2018

There’s a difficulty on reviewing this 3-track EP. ‘Cause there’s certainly a magical doom atmosphere but on the other hand there’s also a death metal boredom. This is Rotting Kingdom’s debut release and unfortunately we can hear in it many ups and downs. This is something not so great for a new band of course. I think they need to work a little more because they definitely have the potential, but somehow they just can’t deliver it to the end. All three songs on the EP are on the same doom/death pattern and despite the fact that we are dealing with an excellent throat here I feel that a piece is missing to complete the whole picture. The crushing doom and almost post-metal aura is blended with some deep and ferocious vocals and some nice guitars but I guess next time these Americans will return a lot stronger and ready to conquer the world. Check them if you are into melodic doom/death metal. The EP came via the polish Godz of War Productions -earlier this year- a label well-known for its quality releases on the genre.