Genre: Power/Progressive/Metal Opera
Country: Greece
Label: Self released
Year: 2015

The idea of making a Metal Opera project hovered on John Androulakakis’s mind since the late 90s. But due to various setbacks and delays the vision of The Tale Of Man slowly began to take shape in January of 2010. The implementation of such a demanding project is not an easy thing. We have seen similar attempts in the past which although they had all the makings to achieve, the result always couldn’t hit the high expectations. Same thing happens here, although the ambitious plan geared up for more than ten years, it unfortunately fails to convince the listener for its quality. It sounds overloaded and uninspired.

The main theme of the album is based on the saga of Michael Moorcock: Eternal Champion. The four characters of the play are interpreted by Yiannis Androulakakis (Lord of Chaos), Vasilis Axiotis (Man), Angeliki Frangos (Cassandra) and Basil (Lord of Law). The music is embellished with many medieval type melodies on the keys and when the guitars and other instruments make their entrance we hear nothing else than European-style power metal. The technical part of the album sounds flawless with all players giving their best performance. Same thing apply for the singers whose voices go up and down the octaves effortlessly. The main problem however is found in the compositions themselves. Excluding the completely indifferent intros and instrumental pieces, the integrated compositions that remain leave no impression. It’s all so pretentiously pompous and huge that in the end it leaves you struggling to remember what you heard. Not that the neo-classical symphonic / power is my forte (fuck no) but I know great music when I hear it and in The Tale Of Man I can’t find great music. Maybe Moonstone is I would say the song that’s worth something here, as an integrated composition without unnecessary orchestrations.

Fans of Euro-power could give it a listen, they might find something worthy here. As for the rest of you, skip this one fearlessly.