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Written by Dimos ‘Dark Nightmare’ Konstantinidis

Running Wild: Gates To Purgatory

It was summer of ’98 and we were just a bunch of young metalheads from Grevena hanging out in Thessaloniki, buying discs and enjoying city’s metal bars.

During our stay, one night I was suffering from insomnia! The heat was unbearable. I told my friend: “George, give me a tape to listen on the Walkman!” And he gave me Running Wild! Their first full length.

… It caught me by surprise… I was totally stoned… Words cannot describe my feelings back then. I’m also familiar with one or more later Wild’s records, as well as with some of their catchier/classic tracks, but nothing can match this rough, genuine, solid sound that punched me in the face right from the start. Still remains one out of ten all-time favorite records for me.

Victim Of States Power

Punch in the gut. Speed ​​metal anthem… Right from the very first seconds you get a taste of the heavy metal Masterpiece, under the name “Gates to Purgatory”, that is about to unfold… Caustic, political thematology and references to freedom struggle. Couldn’t be more suitable as album’s opener.

Black Demon

All in all, it’s a slower, mid tempo track. References to battles, swords, burnt churches and fight for distinguishing human existence from the church, are song’s main points. Most evil track of the album, by all means.


Within the same style and lyrics’ thematology, follows the “Preacher”, condemning religion’s power and referring to demons, devil and preachers.

Soldiers Of Hell

The absolute album’s hit. More speed full, along with a catchier riff and chorus, “haunted” by the most melodic album’s duels. The lyrics withhold at the same well-known pattern.

Diabolic Force

Second side begins even speedier, similar though to Soldiers of Hell, while lyrically alters dealing with occultism and devil’s power.

Adrian S.O.S.

The album gets even faster. Perhaps it’s the fastest song of the album, totally flirting with thrash. Lyrics follow the exact same path.

Genghis Khan

Biggest asset of the record… most epic part for sure. It’s a tribute to Genghis Khan.

He was a man like you and me

His era was his fate

He freed his conquered land

From the ban of death

Freedom to the mongol nation

By fanning their wrath


Prisoner Of Our Time

It’s my favorite track (both album’s and band’s overall). One of the best choruses in the history of heavy metal, a total must for every metal party… tremendous experience. Hymn to life and freedom.

We are prisoners of our time

But we are still alive

Fight for the freedom, Fight for the right

We are Running Wild



Dedicated to my childhood friend, Vangelis Kotsios. I wish you the best brother. HEAVY METAL!


Dimos Konstantinidis