Genre: Russian Turbo Polka / ska / punk
Country: Austria
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2015

This is the fourth release from those nutjobs from Austria. After the killer “Energia”, from which i got to know them, and especially from the video clip of the title track, they have returned two years later to shake us up with their peculiar style that brings in mind a “traveling circus”.

For those who don’t know them, the band consists of a lunatic called Georgi Makazaria (who already has some XPs with Austrian bands like Stahlhammer) and some local Austrian dudes. Although, the only Russian guy in the band is Georgi, he has a great influence on how the band sounds; apparently. Russian Turbo Polka is what they play, as themselves state, with large doses of punk, ska/reggae and metal with the songs reminding us of a traveling circus from the Balkans. Except for the guitars, bass and drums the band features a violin and 2 brasses. Caustic humor on the lyrics, lots of fun and incredible and powerful shows with a very nice touch of seriousness. Music for endless partying in a fair, that it’s impossible not to make you wanna dance.

Like their previous releases (especially “Energia” and “Russian Voodoo” that i love) “P,L n R R” left me completely satisfied. Tight performance, cool compositions with powerful bridges and choruses, classic offbeat ska tempos and heavy guitars with a little bit of thrash-like outbreaks. Mia’s violin shakes you up and the brass section takes you around the Balkan Peninsula like in a Emir Kosturica’s film with a Goran Bregovic parody soundtrack. As we were saying with a friend, some songs sound like you’re being chased by drunken Russians with vodkas on hand and bears in the snow covered plains of Siberia!

The color on Georgi’s voice is absolutely incredible! This guy has the perfect tint in his voice, being the perfect match in this band. Great talent! We’ve got a lot of psychedelic elements and a hippie kind of aesthetic (Peace Love and Russian Roll!) in the album’s concept. Covers, lyrics and video clips as you can see remind us the 60s with a dose of modern taste.

The album, like the previous ones, features lyrics mostly in Russian. Songs with English lyrics are not to be missed out and i think that they are now more (maybe they’re trying to take more steps in order to be accepted by a wider audience) while we have a song in Spanish, as well. Since the very first listening session all the songs have been stuck in my mind, something that i try not to connect with the fact that i really like this band, therefore the album is indeed good. If i could make some notes on the tracks (even though it’s difficult) i would say that i prefer the more “energetic” ones:

Rock N Roll Today: big hit!, Slap your Face: Got stuck in the bridge/chorus!, Hometown Polka, El Pueblo Unido: With the awesome chorus, Let’s Die Together: With the crazy tempo accelerations, You’re the Revolution: Wild melodies, thrash like tempos and Georgi spits out words in Russian and not only. Killer!, Peace Love and Russian Roll. As for the slower tempo / ballad-kind of tracks, they won’t leave anyone disappointed: There Was a Time, Lovegorod : Melodies that travel you around with the brass section, Parachute: Baby baby!

Finally the last 2 tracks that remain cope up with the rest of the album (without being “fillers”): Salty Rain: You’re bringing me down down again / and i run and i run away from this feeling!, Radio Song: With a little bit of Hawaiian touch to it!

This album is great in general. Even though if you don’t really love ska/punk bands (as i do), spare a couple of minutes and if your mind doesn’t get stuck with it, i will be surprised! The band exceeds its limits with every new release. I hope to see them live at some point, since they give cool shows whenever they play.

Who said Rock n Roll is dead???