Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Greece
Label: No Remorse Records
Year: 2018

The “job” of the music reviewer is easy: sits down somewhere comfy, puts the shoes on the table, lets the music play, grabs the keyboard, and becomes a blasé style warrior. Whether shouting down or out to an album, in fact, what the music reviewer does is to expose his/her inner psychological complex behaviors to the public or make public relations. It is -you see- a very simplistic approach to judge the work of a band within less than an hour (if you listen to the entire album and don’t skip the songs after 20-30 seconds). You are creating an impression and probably write only bullshit for a piece of work that the band has devoted endless hours in rehearsals, recordings, argumentations for the musical direction, etc. What does the music reviewer offer in the end? Almost nothing. Usually those who actually get to buy the album have already heard samples of the work in the internet and have formed their own opinion. The only exception is made in case no one has even listen to that album before, so in essence there are elements of journalism in the review process that helps to the circulation of the album to a larger audience. Now you will tell me, “Why are you writing a review about Saboter, a band which we have already heard?”. The only reason I write this review is for those who live outside of Greece and perhaps have never heard of Saboter. “Architects of Evil” is an album way above the average, their live performances are out of this world and they have worked very hard for this outcome. Once more, Saboter did not let me down. I am following them since their first EP and since then they are making constant and steady improvements. Their new work is released by a Greek label (No Remorse) which I want to believe will help them a lot in distributing their album to the right audience and countries because they simply deserve it. I know that every year I get more and more grumpy about the new releases, but this year was truly sterile from good releases. Most of them were very mediocre and very plastic. This helps “Architects of Evil” to easily climb up the charts and make it to the albums that are well deserved to be listened to worldwide. Now, is this a good reason to listen to an album? Perhaps not. But, at least it gives them a chance to be heard by those who like the classic heavy metal sound with elements of Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, Manowar, power-epic mixed with classic, dark at some times, and ritualistic at some other. The videoclip for “The Temple of R’lyeh” was an excellent choice, an obviously well-made song. The “Rose Red” song in my ears sounds like US power metal with a little help from my friends, Sanctuary and Crimson Glory rendering it one of my favourites. “Golden Owl” (we love you King Diamond) is a song I expect to enjoy mostly when played live, as it is tailored for concerts. If I have to gurgle a bit I will say that I would prefer the English pronunciation by Antonis to be a bit better (but who am I to judge). I think he is gifted with one of the best voices in this kind of metal in Greece and consider him as one of the 2-3 best front man we have. Then you will tell me, “why are you grumbling?”. Because I must! Because he sings perfectly, and this kind of vocals has to be sung in English. Because I really fuckin’ love their work and I want to see them take off and fly beyond the limited opportunities Greece can offer. I am expecting a lot from them. All of them are great musicians, they have good musical skills, and it is more likely for them to start kicking ass rather than underperform. WARLORD, DELIVER US!