I find it hard to believe that my colleague, teammate, best friend and brother Giak, is familiar with the quote of J.L. Borges “What’s the point in writing a book when you can write its summary, or even just a comment?”, but I’m sure he agrees 100% with the saying of the famous, great Latin-American author. Mainly, because I know that long reviews get on his nerves, especially when they’re dealing with releases that even though they might be great and could be a big influence for other musicians, they happen to be short, length-wise. What I’m talking about is 7’’, singles, 10’’ or EP’s. Today, we will talk about a not so well-known name, that of the Swedish metallers Sacrifice, that apart from those well accustomed to the Scandinavian scene of the 80’s, no one else pretty much has heard of. Originally formed as Crier in 1982, soon changed name to Metal Muthaz and then became Sacrifice in 1985. Sacrifice released a 7″ single on Platina Records entitled “Street Fighter / Innocent Victim, (1985)”. Anders Strenberg leaves the band shortly after. The rest of the Sacrifice members changed their name back to Crier and recorded the song “Fantasy World” for the UK Ebony Records compilation ‘The Metal Collection Vol.2 (1986)’. Anders Strengberg joins Crier in 1987 but leaves again to join Mercy. After some line-up changes Crier releases a 7″ single in 1989 entitled “Bad Booze / Running in the Night” on the Hell Records label. Metal Muthaz in 1984, they released a self-titled demo before they changed their name. Their sound is that of a typical 80’s Swedish band, with a melodic, even melancholic approach to the guitaring, choruses so catchy that get stuck in your brain forever and of course with plenty of the well expected N.W.O.B.H.M. references.  The single was released in 1985 and it’s the only release ever by the band. On Side-A, we get “Street Fighter”, one of the best Swedish songs to be released in the 80’s and definitely one of the finest quality hidden gems in metal (has earned a spot among Destiny by Trident, We stand to Fight by Virtue, Lonely Nights by Slander, Soldier of the World by Hiroshima…), while on Side-B we get “Innocent Victim” that is slightly faster (with a nice short guitar solo) and has a Rock ‘n’ Roll/N.W.O.B.H.M vibe along with characteristic keyboarding, which is of high quality as well. An extremely rare 7’’, that has been worshiped by collectors almost immediately…and if you’re lucky enough to find it, it would cost you around 400 euros. I’m hoping that soon enough there will be a re-issue, by one of the plenty of labels that specialize in re-issuing gems like this one. It was recorded in Hellrec Studio in 1985, was produced by Anders Strengber and the artwork was by Michael Bankare. It was released via Platina Records in only 500 copies.

Line up: Mats Svensson/Bass – Mikael Gustavsson/Drums – Thomas Lundgren/Guitars – Thomas Axelsson/Guitars – Anders Strengberg /Vocals (also on Mercy from Sweden, later in 2003)