Genre: Power Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Arkeyn Steel Records
Year: 2019

SAINT CHAOS from Seneca Falls, New York, USA. Another little mystery in the big book of US Metal. For years the recordings of this amazing band were changing hands in unofficial form. A bunch of song titles and no other information at all. From the very first time I came across to the material of this band, I was really blown away. They were delivering a very special, excellent mixture of Heavy and Power Metal in the veins of bands VICIOUS RUMORS, SAVATAGE, ARMORED SAINT and METAL CHURCH.

Arkeyn Steel Records have managed to track down the band, to discover their recordings on their original form and to make a re-issue that represents the music of those US Metallers, the way it deserves to be represented.

So lets make a little flashback in time, sharing some info that can be found on this re-issue: From 1990 to 1993 SAINT CHAOS recorded four amazing demos. The band managed to generate quite an impact in their local area, thanks to their mind-blowing live shows, but unfortunately they didn’t manage to make an official release, except for their self produced tapes. So all the recorded material of the band is gathered in one release. But what their music?

Well, lets start with the basics first: the band’s amazing songwriting and the passion in the performance of each and every of their songs are the two strongest features that make SAINT CHAOS, a really special case of band on your ears. Amazing songwriting, performance passion: You will be able to realize it from the very first listening of the songs. Do you want some ground-breaking double guitar riffing? You got it. Do you want an expanded technical rhythm section based on amazing drumming and bass lines? You got it. Do you want those vocals that will fill the songs with melody and power? Here they are!

First class US Metal in here. Just listen to songs like “Nothing is Forever”, “Hellfire” and “Die For You” and you will understand what I mean. It is really a questionable fact how the hell this band managed to compose and record so many great music in such a small time period. Four demos in a total time period of three years. 15 tracks in total. Everything is included in the Arkeyn Steel re-issue.

Lets take a closer look on the recordings: SAINT CHAOS recorded their first demo (including the tracks “Nothing Is Forever” and “Don’t Wanna Be Alone”) in August 1990. Almost a year later -August 1991-, their second “Contents Under Reassure” demo was recorded (incturing the tracks “Pressure”, “Living In This Misery”, “Come Back Strong” and “Hellfire”). Two months later (October 1991), their third “Obsessed With You” demo was recorded (including the tracks “Die For You”, “Turn On You”, “Captured By You” and “Here For You”). Their fourth and final demo was out on January 1992 (including the tracks “God Song”, “By Myself”, “Under Control”, “Wicked Impact” and “Waysted Daze”). If we take a closer look at the recording periods we can realize that the band was on a non stop working mode, composing stuff and hitting the studio to record them instantly. As usual, Arkeyn Steel Records has done an excellent job on this re issue. All the songs are completely remastered and they sound amazingly. The booklet includes never before seen photos of the band, along with bio and lyrics. The CD comes in an edition of 500 hand numbered copies.

Well give yourself a chance a discover this amazing band if you are not aware of them. If you aware of SAINT CHAOS, I know that you simply counting the days, waiting to get the CD in your hands!

I got nothing more to add, finally, justice is done and you will be able to put an official SAINT CHAOS release to your shelf, next to the classic US Metal masterpieces!