Genre: Industrial Heavy Metal
Country: Finland
Label: –
Year: 2020

Space themes, electric vibes, nightsky mayhem and 80’s nostalgia!

During the last few years, Samer Elnahhal had been hiding behind the mask of a monstrous Minotaur, serving Lordi with his bass. However, after “Sexorcism” he decided to leave everything behind and create music in a way that he knows best.

Maintaining all due respect for hard rock and rock ‘n’ roll of the 80’s, all in a mix of horror and mythical creatures with a bunch of neon lights, Samer brought “Supernova Kill Road” to life. This is a special casue, in which one really can judge the content from the cover and be absolutely sure of what is due to follow. Finnish rock ‘n’ roll, with a love for aliens roaming the galaxy preparing to conquer Earth (oh, isn’t that 2020?) and of course with some perfectly blended industrial elements!

Anyway, “Supernova Kill Road” is a hell of an album, with very nicely combined musical structures, themes relatively hard to find in a hard rock release, signed and sealed by some awesome singers with their very own stigma. If anyone is fond of WASP, Deathstars and Alice Cooper, this is their album.