Genre: U.S. Power/Heavy Metal/Thrash
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2017

”Cadaveri Eccellenti” is an Italian thriller film directed by the great and often prophetic and strongly politicized director Franscesco Rosi, starring Lino Ventura. The title refers to the surrealist Cadavre Exquis game invented by Andre Breton, in which the participants draw successive sections of a subject without knowing what the former participant has painted and thus led to unpredictable results. With this simile/metaphor, the adventurous and unpredictable plot that the film has is described and especially the labyrinthine and situations that create the political games that are happening in the background of the political scene. Based on a novel by Leonardo Sciascia, the basic story describes the killings of prominent judges. The state charges these killings to the revolutionary left. The truth is that the state itself is the perpetrator of these murders. A secondary plot describes how the Italian Communist Party although it has knowledge about the situation, hides the truth, to avoid a possible outbreak of a class revolution. The film, beyond the great director and great interpretations / actor performances is more than simply the best political thrillers ever filmed. The film ends with the protagonist’s death (Ventura) and the Secretary of the Italian Communist Party with a conversation between a journalist and the deputy secretary of the ICP, who claims that time is not yet ripe for a revolution and the party will not react to the actions the government. “Then the people will never know the truth?” Asks the journalist. The answer was disarming: “The answer is not always revolutionary”. The prophetic director predicted the “historic compromise” between Communists and Christian-democrats playing with the famous saying of Antonio Gramsci “telling the truth is revolutionary.”

So, moving forward to Sanctuary’s new release and in this case we have to hide the truth and pretend that this release is self – existent. “Inception” would be a great bonus to an anniversary edition for the 30th anniversary of “Refuge Denied” loaded with the rich booklet’s rare photos and texts written by the band members. But unfortunately “Inception” is nothing more than the lost demo found by Lenny Routledge (guitarist) in a neglected box in his warehouse. With the help of Chris ‘Zeus’ Harris (who except for Sanctuary has worked with Hatebreed, Municipal Waste, Rob Zombie, Queensryche) “saved” the tapes, mixed and arranged these forgotten tapes to give birth to “Inception”. The sound is not only far from bad, quite the contrary. The production is fantastic and the sound is unique. While stripped of the aura of “So Far, So Good, ..” -which had that Mustaine essence- the compositions breathe better and are probably closer to what their creators had in mind. To be honest, the overall result sounds better; Dane’s voice sounds superior compared to the previous interpretations of “Refuge Denied” but this result is not a complete album. It is simply a prequel of a historic album. This is important; it tells us a lot about the band and its decisions but personally I don’t see something more than just a great bonus. Recorded in 1986, “Inception” consists of 7 original track versions of “Refuge Denied” and two other tracks, “Dream of the Incubus” and “I Am Insane” which are found in the first recording of the band, the demo of 1986. As mentioned earlier, this is the prequel of an album that stands proud for almost 30 years to over 200,000 discothèques worldwide (that’s the number of copies that had been sold until 2011), despite the poor production of Dave Mustaine. But as I said earlier, the truth is not always “revolutionary” and certainly sometimes is a bad counselor for consuming goods to suit specific audience and specialized clientele. If you are a fan of the band you should definitely check out this release as it presents the songs in a more raw and more organic sound and perhaps more interesting. It also offers a deep insight in the past of the band and a lot of interesting information from their early recordings. The final choice is yours.