Genre: Death Metal
Country: Italy
Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions
Year: 2019

Sangue are a fresh band from Rome with a first EP released just in 2017, a self-titled mini album that was well into filthy death metal with black metal nuances but in a very short total of duration of five minutes, as if you had a grindcore EP with eight tracks in your hands. And if you don’t have a clue about the group, you might actually know the drummer who is the infamous Rector Stench, from the disgusting and legendary Italian band Pungent Stench. I don’t know if Sangue are his personal project or if it is a different entity, yet apart from the great cover (as good as the one depicted in their first EP) it was him that made me want to check out this project as well.

“Culś” is also promoted through the solid label NWN Productions, and the record is again loyal to the brand of short-lasting death metal albums, reaching twenty-eight minutes with seven full tracks and two one-minute interludes. If you also count the fact that the introduction picks up merely forty seconds, Sangue have six main compositions (one of which was featured in their previous release as well) to present their weaponry to the listener. The music of the album is broken into parts of all speeds, and at all times the band seems capable of writing and executing their ideas. There are frequent, grimy solos and moments when they slow down to doom / death metal fashion, which is inevitable not to bring Autopsy in mind (e.g. middle part of “They Do Not Rest”).

Sangue also attempt to play faster and in a more menacing manner, which brings in some black metal feeling, something that is apparent strongly in “The Rite of the Cosmic Void” as well as in some parts of “Eerie Murmuring / Infinity Abysmal”. A track combining these two facets of the band is “Her Cold Breath”, which contains two main pieces of middle paced melodies that switch into intense blast beating moments, and vice versa. Even though the transitions happen a bit abruptly, it is still one of the interesting tracks in “Culś”, which in my opinion has its main drawback in the vocals.

There seems to be some kind of reverb effect used in order for them to sound deeper and more pompous, but I would definitely prefer pure growls, which would give several points in favor of the whole result. Sangue at least have a recognizable sound and with “Culś” you can’t blame them for not delivering a decent result, I would hesitate very much to pick this among the top of the year but it wasn’t a second-rate effort. The last track “When the Magus Whispers to the Skies” has a smooth ending to close the album and is actually a good pick if you want to try a first taste of the band, which is indeed standard good.