Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Metal Blade Records
Year: 2022

Sanhedrin is a typical example of a band which with each release climbs a step higher. Their (very good) debut album “A Funeral for the World” was an independent release but it was spread immediately in the underground circles. As a result, Cruz del Sur Music offered them a record deal for their next release. “The Poisoner” was an amazing album, resulting in interest from best known record labels. So, this year “Lights On” is released via Metal Blade. For those who may hear for the first time about Sanhedrin, it is a power trio with female vocals. They combine in an exceptional way, 70’s hard rock with 80’s heavy metal and especially US Heavy Metal. On their third attempt, they seem to consolidate their sound and put their personal stamp wider. Because we are talking about a three-member band, here everything is played solid and tighter. The bass has the role it deserves and the playing of the drums leads the compositions not following. The guitar playing is once again flawless and the complexion of the vocals has already become the trademark of the band. “Lights On” is a really enjoyable record which with the support of Metal Blade Records will be heard by a wider audience. Sanhedrin is one of the bands out there that can stand out and they can make us look forward to each of their new releases.