Genre:Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label:Cruz del Sur Music
Year: 2019

Sanhedrin, who are based in Brooklyn are a traditional metal power trio. They consist of Erica Stoltz on vocals and bass, Nathan Honor on drums and Jeremy Sosville on guitar. In 2015, they introduced themselves with an EP, yet they caused a sensation in 2017 with their debut album “Funeral for the World”, when they engaged in a particularly interesting mix of heavy metal and a doom, dark atmosphere. Whoever awaits with a sensible continuity “The Prisoner” to be like it’s predecessor, will be disappointed. Personally speaking, there’s not space for disappointment or doubt when there were sο many qualitative elements before. All changes seem to have been done consciously, but not on purpose. The music is closer to the traditional heavy metal sound, however there’s plenty of space for more melodic and catchy riffs. There are some speed spices as well,not because of the music, but for the lack of any doom elements. Al vocals sound less dark and cleaner, both when it comes to the production and the performance. Whoever has never been in touch with the band before might think that Erica Stoltz’s voice is just as good for a neat heavy metal group and not many people will dislike them. All changes that were done within “The Prisoner” are crowned with success, while this new style seems to fit them better (which is a matter of taste, of course). The album is out via always-successful-to the underground- Cruz Del sur Music and awaits for you to give it a shot and come up with your own conclusions.