Genre: Melodic Blackened Death
Country: Sweden
Label: Hammerheart Records
Year: 2022

Even though Sarcasm exists since late 80’s-early 90’s circumstances were rather tough for them and it was not until 2016 when their debut arrived (actually they had recorded several demos up to 1994, as also their debut full-length, and then broke up until 2016 when the album saw the light of day). 2022 finds the band from Uppsala strong and a bit away from their original sound when they were OSDM, but willing as this is their 4th full length studio effort. Veterans for sure despite the small amount of material Sarcasm play authentic, pure evil Melodic Black/Death based on the foundations of the hybrid subgenre without sounding generic or a cheap rumination. As their previous album entitled “Esoteric Tales of the Unserene” was a perfect 10/10 (or as we use in Metal Invader 6/6) in “Stellar Stream Obscured” Sarcasm are compelling to their finest moment; something rather difficult to do. But the Swedish melodic blackened death they offer seems so familiar for a Dissection fanatic and it would be too poor description just to focus only on this side of their music. Many doom influences and blasting passages, melancholic riffs, tremolo picks and frantic atmosphere are some of their weapons. They certainly know how to build strong compositions that don’t lack of creativity or dynamic while the choruses (a mixture of blackened snarls and guttural growls) are simple but impressive yet aggressive. The variation of tempos and in styles across “Stellar Stream Obscured” is a characteristic of this decent and powerful release that will please all fans of melodic black/death. Highlights: “Ancient Visitors”, “The Spinning Tomb”, “Through the Crystal Portal” and “Apocalyptic Serenity”.