Genre: Experimental/Ambient
Country: Greece
Label: Fucking Your Creation Records
Year: 2020

Something very different for today. Not metal, not rock, not even pop and I am saying it in a bad way. Sarvok were created sometime in 2020 according to the press release, but maybe earlier than that also, from m.Sarvok. The “Cabin in Space” EP, is hiw creation, after 40 days of experimenting and meditation. Let’s dive into it…

This EP, contains 4 tracks, with a total length of 16,08 minutes. Acoustic guitars, some percussion, keyboards, natural sound FX, A LOT of atmosphere and some kind of vocals. This is what this band has to offer. Regarding the production, there are not much to say, everything is clean and easy to hear to everything, every instrument and sound. Just close your eyes and let your subconscious to take you to a trip. You never know what you will discover, what worlds you are going to travel to, or what your experiences will be from the whole procedure. I can say without any doubt, that this EP, is most qualified to do so.

It will be released on tape format in 50 hand numbered copies and in this tape, we have something very intriguing. There will be a kind of riddle, an answer to a question. If someone figures it out, can send an email to the band or a message to their facebook page and receive a “key” for the next riddle.

Recommended to the fans of Jason Molina, Logic Songs, Xasthur, Gonjasufi and Richard Skelton, always according to the press release. Unfortunately, since I don’t listen to thiw genre, I don’t have something to recommend myself. On the other hand, not listening to this genre, makes me more objective to the following rating…