Genre: Blackened Heavy/Power Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Moribund Records
Year: 2015

How do you review Satan’s Host. In my opinion they are one of the historic U.S. Metal bands. All their releases exhale a Satanic odor, I even like the ones that Leviathan Thirisen did not participate. Satan’s Host this time decided to present us their new work in 2 parts, Pre-dating God part 1 and part 2. To describe them musically is not an easy task. They are a classic love or hate band, all I can say is that they are the American angle of playing Black Metal through the prism of U.S. Power Metal. Loving, cuddly stuff you might say. Whoever expects to listen to Jag Panzer-styled metal, fuhgeddaboudit. Here Conklin sings from high-pitched to demonic growls.

At the first part of Pre-dating God, you will find everything, from black, power, doom (the title song even reminded me of Candlemass in parts) elements, all mixed up and played with passion and pure hate. The first three songs (Hell’s Disciples, Embers of will, Valley of blood) are close enough to their previous release. The song Greed, Lust, War kind of reminded me of King Diamond (solo, not Mercyful Fate) but in a more brutal edition, maybe because it has a more theatric rendition from Leviathan. One of the songs that stand out is After the End, it starts very melodic, bringing in mind the golden era of metal ballads and progresses into a great hymnic metal song. The first part closes with a cover song, See you in Hell, originally by Grim Reaper. Kudos for the choice and for the performance.

As for Pre-dating God part 2……HELL ON EARTH ! All the pseudo-satanic bands should hide, the demons (who we will call songs for our convenience) will haunt you forever. Part 2 is a click better than Part 1, Conklin is simply breathtaking. I tried hard to choose which songs are best but they are all amazing. To me this is one of the best releases in the history of Satan’s Host and even though we are at the start of the year, I believe this will be among the top releases. Satan’s Host did not let us down. They gave us 2 amazing releases. And even if usually I am not a fan of growling vocals, the addition to the palette of vocal styles from the Great Leviathan Thirisen was satisfactory. As for the other members of the band, holding a stable line up since 2008 does them good, everyone is great in its part. The outcome is that now in 2015, Satan’s Host who were an underground obscure band in the ‘80s known only to few, they release one after another top class CDs. Only thing I know await is seeing them live so they will haunt me forever and ever.