On the occasion of the war that shook Europe from 1992 until the end of 1995, Savatage released the emotionally charged Dead Winter Dead in October 1995. The Bosnian war, which also had religious and social implications, saw more than 1,500 children and thousands of civilians dead (dead: 20,649 soldiers and 4,075 civilians) and was the concept built by the Americans on their 9th full length album, dealing with a Serb boy and a Muslim girl who fall in love. 

The line up is refreshed with guitarists Al Pitrelli Berkeley graduate with long experience and Chris Caffery who helped them for several years on tour. Third album for Zak on vocals, in a difficult role to be honest, because its almost impossible to wear Oliva’s shoes who continues to be the main gear of the band, from a more invisible position.

The album has theatrical elements and is closer in my opinion to Streets; listen to the song “I am” that could have been written by King Diamond. In this song as also in “Doesn’t Matter Anyway” Jon himself sings and we rejoice with all our souls. Savatage had already developed their talents in previous albums and really played everything, from heavy, power to rock opera, while here are some parts blended with classical music.

All the compositions hide anger but also sadness like the gargoyle with the monstrous figure on the cover, symbol of protection in buildings which as the band describes could not keep away the evil and for years saw the horror with stone eyes deaf. Europe had become a ruin.

Αt the end of the day,  the Americans then built a huge base, the largest in the world called Camp Bondsteel and is the main US Army base under KFOR command in Kosovo and it is of highly strategic importance.

For the record, the album was released on vinyl only by Hellenic FM Records and at the moment its being sold at exorbitant prices.