The Circle Music are welcoming in their ranks one of the most promising new bands, The German-Greek conspiracy of Schatten Muse. The band (the duet consisting of Shelmerdine and Sylvia Fürst) give breath to a special musical genre such as New German Death Art / Neue Deutsche Todeskunst, while in their musical quests they combine with absolute success influences by Dark Wave, Gothic, Neoclassical and Electro Wave, all filtered through their personal prism and poetic mood, while special mention is needed to Sylvia’s vocals which are literally riveting.
The new album “Vergänglichkeit” will be released on March 2022.
Schatten Muse states:
“We are so grateful and honored to work with the professional record label, the Circle Music. From the beginning the Circle Music showed great interest and liked our music because they realized our vision, which was to make something original and continue the tradition to Neue Deutsche Todeskunst.”