Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Belgium
Label: Redefining Darkness Records/Dying Victims Productions
Year: 2022

Belgians Schizophrenia have managed to create a strong fan base where their fanatics feel hungry for flesh and this primitive hybrid of Death/Thrash metal. They only needed one EP to do so, the highly acclaimed 2020’s “Voices”. “Recollections of the Insane” moves in a familiar territory for all who grew up with Slayer (“Onwards to Fire”), Possessed, early Kreator (“Sea of Sorrow”) and early Sepultura. But the band has also many more influences well filtered in their songs. You can hear several black/speed/thrash elements heard and there while there’s a pure early Pestilence vibe especially in the closer “Stratified Realities” or Morbid Angel’s hint in “Souls of Retribution” in a “Altars of Madness” era crescendo. All given perfectly by all bands members individually and as one solid unit. Probably Riccardo Mandozzi’s vocals will bring to mind Jeff Walker of Carcass fame ( Mille Petrozza too,… right?). The songs are well crafted and the ability of the Belgians to compose excellent songs makes them incredibly irresistible especially to younger audiences. The uncompromising ferocity and groove that the dynamic duo on guitars from Romeo Promopoulos and Marty Van Kerckhoven ooze it confirms your guess as the compositions are guitar driven mostly, while you can hear many melodic death/black metal influences too that the excellent drummer Lorenzo Vissol that the Begians have, can deliver and underpin by using a variety of techniques with no effort. Highlights: “Inside the Walls of Madness”, “Sea of Sorrow” and “Cranial Disintegration”.