Scythian - Hubris In Excelsis | Review & Streaming

Genre: Black/Death
Country: UK
Label: Hell’s Headbangers
Year: 2015

The Island was never among the superpowers of this genre and it’s contribution to the extreme sound was confined mostly to death metal bands. Scythian is one of the exceptions that verify the rule. In “Hybrid In Excelsis” they show us how nice and smooth it is when you influence by bands like early Bathory, latter Blood Red Throne and latest Dissection and you create your own style. Hellish black/death that nails you to the wall and rips the eyes out of your skull without being boring for a second ,with solos that owe some to Slayer and blend beautifully twisted in songs like “As Tyrants Feast”, the title track and Three Stigmata. Some atmospheric moments like the beginning of “Penultimate Truth Ultimate Deceit” or “War Graves” add to the sum making it sound even more interesting and until you know it you’ve reached the 8minute “Dystopia” that closes the album, a track that would make a lot of bands jealous. It’s also important that they have worked even the tiniest detail of their sound and they end up with a release that’s one of the best of this genre so far in 2015.
Buy or die!