Genre: Atmospheric / Melodic Black Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Totenmusik
Year: 2016

Seher is an anonymous Black Metal act from Berlin, Germany and was founded in 2014. The band released its first and only (to this day) demo in 2015 and its first full length album on December 13th 2016. Totenmusik however, managed to get these two releases and press it in one single record and that’s what I actually hold in my hands, therefore this review refers to the “compilation” release.

As far as music itself is concerned, and since that’s what really matters, Seher have managed to create an imposing dark atmosphere with their grim and cold compositions. The structures on which the tracks of the release are based on, are loosely hanging onto Black Metal. There are fewer distortions than usually found in Black Metal compositions, whereas melody is a dominant element almost everywhere. Furthermore, bits and pieces of the Doom genre are also scattered here and there. The ways the tracks are executed indicate passion towards the genre the band has chosen to serve. There are many catchy yet “abysmal” riffs and combined with the frequent rhythm variations, make the whole effort interesting. The vocals are most of the time sharp and violent. For some reason there were times when I thought of the band’s singer breathing fire while screaming the lyrics. His interpretations are intense, soul – crashing; waking nightmares in your mind! There is a certain amount of ambience attached to the tracks, as well, and hopefully it isn’t just me who’s noticed that.

Highlight: “Geist”.

Geist is the record’s second track. It starts slowly, with a lengthy guitar theme and about three minutes later, Armageddon comes crushing down. Cathartic guitars and perfectly accompanying drums compose one of the best Seher tracks. “Geist” made me literally and figuratively wanna run; run away from everyday problems, away from reality, away from one’s self.

Overall, “Nachzehrer” is a very good album that deserves your attention and justifies the band’ talent. It’s consistent and clearly a product of careful planning and execution. “Nachzehrer” was released a few days back by Totenmusik, so check it as soon as possible!