A year after their reunion, Selefice‘s first release after 1994 and their album ‘Where Is The Heaven’, is almost here.

Their upcoming mini LP, entitled ‘I Met a God’, will contain 4 tracks, clocking around 25 minutes, and is now in the mixing and mastering procedures. Acid Death’s Savvas Betinis handled the recordings and the production of the mini album, in his S.I.A. Recordings Studio. Selefice reveals the cover artwork of the ‘I Met A God’ release (handled by the group). The mini Lp is going to be released later in the Spring and the available formats are going to be announced in the following weeks.

Selefice are going to be the headliners this Sunday 17 February at An Club, in the Extreme Fest organised by Angels P.R. This will be an anniversary live performance for the group, 25 years after their last one in the same club. Psycorepaths, Fragments of Despair and Ars Goetia are going to be the support acts.