Genre: Melodic Hardcore, Post Hardcore
Country: Germany
Label: Beyond Hope Records, DSTM, White Russian Records, Riot Bike Records, World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records
Year: 2014

A while ago when I was wanted to order some disks, a friend suggested me to hear a 7” from a band that I had never heard before until then and this band was Sending Lights and their 7” entitled “Haven”. When I got it in my hands and started playing, I was so attracted to it that the vinyl was playing for several times with my ear be nailed to the speakers! Germans Sending Lights present to us a release full of emotion, with bold pieces which makes you travelling to different places while you are listening it, in which the band has already prepared you from the album cover! Slow changes of rhythm with the drums to be exactly where it should be, with very nice and measured melodies of guitars that make you get attached with the pieces and with their sound. Their vocalist lifts the quality of the 7” and keeps your interesting from beginning to the end; without the songs to become boring at any point for the listener! Sending Lights is a band with a lot of prospects for the future and we looking forward for an upcoming full length album!