Genre: Speed/Thrash Heavy
Country: Germany
Label: Cruz del Sur Music
Year: 2018

Septagon are a relatively new band from Germany. Active since 2013, the released their first full length in 2016. It’s a specific mix of speed / thrash metal that they have kept on with at their new album “Apocalyptic Rhymes”. The vocals might seem recognizable to many, as the singer is Markus Becker of Atlantean Kodex, which is the only connecting point between the two bands. The term speed / thrash metal is a bit misleading about Septagon, as the gravity isn’t either on speed or dynamic play, or the high pitched vocals. In “Apocalyptic Rhymes” you’re going to listen to melodic and catchy songs with many moments of neoclassic, virtuosic solos and typical American-made power metal moments. Becker serves the composition, adjusting his voice to the needs of the songs. The compositional multi-variety is the bick weapon of Septagon, that makes them stick out among bands of the same style. It needs talent to bring together such different elements and to come out as convincing and not random. Lastly, the nice cover artwork is worth mentioning, as well as the lyrics with serious and socio-politic background.