Genre: Symphonic Death/Black metal
Country: Greece
Label: Season Of Mist
Year: 2017

The return of the Athenians is here. I wasn’t quite following them lately and i was not aware that they were working a new album, so when the new tracks appeared on youtube i was pretty unprepared in every way. Here’s a vicious attack 3 years after the “Titan”.

The album is ripping everything apart in every possible way! The cinematic / soundtrack-y background is simply unbelievable. Once again the band truly surpassed themselves. There’s no better “mix” of classical music and metal currently in an album. I think that in this one they gave more weight to the orchestra while the “electric” instruments follow, which they did since “Communion” of course but here i think this applies on the album and is more obvious.

As for the sound, since i am a sound engineer / producer myself, the result on the album is marvelous and turns it into a masterpiece. Everything sounds crystal clear without any elements overshadowing others in the mix. Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios is a “guarantee”. Powerful and clean drums, guitars and bass with full force, the orchestra tears everything with power. Percussion and the brass winds have the predominant role in their passages and they create and enduring and thunderous attack from the first moments of “Dante’s Inferno” while the choir creates nightmarish scenes, and takes you far away as long as this album can take you into the limits of imagination.

As for the band, they bestow their classic Flesh sound on the guitars, Seth’s demonic growling vocals are better than ever and Krimh’s playing on his first appearance with the band sounds very sophisticated. He has worked quite a lot on the tracks and he has tried to keep the band’s classic drumming identity while also providing his personal touch in a very calculated way.

Something new for me is that the band’s music (mainly by having the past of the band in mind) is mainly linked to ancient and modern history, mythology, religious matters, fiction and the world of the occult. The lyrics here though address nowadays and everydays struggles and issues, that can be clearly seen and heard on tracks like “Portrait of a headless man”.

To keep the story short, buy this album! Its really worth it from all sides: Orchestration, production, sound, composition plus originality.

Can we say that Septic Flesh wrote one more album like “Communion”? Surely it would be hard to make an album of that caliber even though the sequels (“The Great Mass” and “Titan”) were worthy successors! “Codex Omega” is so close though it can touch it!

Did they exceed “Titan”? For sure and they did it so easily!