Genre: Symphonic Death Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2022

Reunion of Septic Flesh back in 2007 was a blast because one of the best Greek bands was on the road again. 15 years later and there is no doubt that we ‘re dealing with one of the best bands of their kind worldwide. All records released from the band are the one better than the other. They managed to release also a live album with a symphonic orchestra in Mexico, filmed in a sold-out live of theirs. They recently joined the roster of Nuclear Blast, right within all the trademark bands. In case someone hasn’t yet been convinced from all the above, could just listen to “Modern Primitive”, as a perfect mirroring for bands’ today’s level. It is the perfect proof of the fact that Septic Flesh are pioneers in Symphonic Death Metal worldwide. What makes them stand out though is that have in mind right for the start the importance of orchestration to their compositions. It is part of their musical let’s say DNA. They think and create in a manner and that makes them unbeatable. Also, their artistic improvising are always of great importance. In “Modern Primitive”, nothing is random. The video clip of Neuromancer is amazing, the lyrics highlight lots of spiritual concerns and the cover art inspires you more and more as you keep noticing it. As for the album tracks, they seem to be worked out in detail. Even the title of the album is food for thought. “Modern Primitive” will place Septic Flesh on top of the symphonic Death Metal and will satisfy their fans all over the word.