Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2018

Serpent Lord from Thessaloniki finally managed to unleash, after big anticipation , their debut record called “Towards The Damned”. They don’t need a big introduction, since the North knows; five young, active in the musical action people who managed within two years to gain an audience through their live appearances (on the side of legendary bands such as Omen, Grand Magus, Innerwish etc) and of course one demo record which became sold out by the day it was out!

“Towards The Damned” includes ten tracks, with most of whom we are familiar through their live performances. Their upgraded vocals make a difference in contrast to their first demo, which veil their music with a more oldschool approach, even though it’s not easy to put a label on. It surely reminds us of In Solitude, Ghost, Mercyful Fate, even Iced Earth. The highlights definitely include the already known Sacrilegium and Blood Offering, while I was really surprised when I heard the recorded versions of the intro “The Lesser Key”, “Evvuio Oitovo Iman” which is written in an ancient Freya language, while I was impressed with the outro “Seed Of Divine”. In spite of all this, my most favorite track since the very beginning, was “Nephilim”.

The band made a great breakthrough with “Towards The Damned”, in addition to their impressive performance, which indicate their massive sound in a way better approach. The record is definitely worth-listening, it’s a great tribute to the late In Solitude, but cannot beat their performances.