Genre: Ambient Gothic Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Icons Creating Evil Art
Year: 2020

One of the most anticipated releases, at least for me, finally became a reality. Ever since the very first second I bumped into Shaam Larein’s “Aurora” official music video, I knew that there is something huge going on and the band will eventually struck like lightning everyone’s attention. Shaam Larein is a band of three enchantresses, whom you can also call “The Holy Trinity of Magic”. Three different voices, all in one, set the world ablaze. Their debut album “Sculpture” is a mixture praising the coldness and scandinavian folklore, as well as the Mid-east, oriental origins of Shaam Larein herself. Musically, “Sculpture” speaks to gothic/doom lovers. The ambience and the nocturnal vibes create something more than a unique atmosphere, considering that this is not your stereotypical Swedish gothic metal release. The music creates visions, hallucinations and mysticist figures, while the aetherial voices of the three women can take the mind to another place, like a religion. Shaam Larein is the discovery of the decade, even if the decade hasn’t kicked off that much already. “Sculpture” delivers a unique, necromantic atmosphere and we really have to thank Icons Creating Evil Art for that.