Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Duplicate Records
Year: 2018

Another thrash metal “diamond” from Norway. More and more bands that don’t cease to surprise you are coming out from this country lately. Back during the old days when we were checking out new thrash metal releases we all knew that the most sick of them were coming out from Brazil or Germany and also US, which all had their now respected “schools”. The recent years this Scandinavian land is showing signs that it has built its own dedicated school or scene and it’s quite promising! Shakma is a relatively new band with young members that are coming out from the town of Haugesund. After their demo release back in 2006 they released their first album on Duplicate records. Skull crushing thrash metal with lots of old school elements and a touch of the “New Norwegian thrash scene?” (if i might say that) is what you’ll find here. Heavily influenced by 80s cult horror b-movies, the whole concept fits nicely with their own thrash sound. 10 songs, fast speeds, nice choruses and easy to remember riffs is what these dudes have to offer, The album is easily listenable. Some songs that i loved: Blood Ritual, The Mummy’s Curse, Specters of Death, House of Possession, Knife of the Prowler, Night of the Coven. All this with the necessary old school aesthetic and a touch of black metal. Nothing less / nothing more. If you love bands like: Inculter, Nekromantheon, Condor, Toxik Death, Deathammeretc, check them out! Very promising act!