Genre: Hardcore / Power Violence
Country: U.S.A.
Label: –
Year: 1984

Siege was probably overlooked in their time, the year that were released albums-boulders, mainly for Thrash. However, these gentlemen characterized the extreme sound, with the now known power violence, the mix of hardcore punk and extreme metal. ‘Drop Dead’ was re-released in several versions over the years, the band that became known in the 90’s clearly based the sound and took its name from the album, Seth Putnam of Anal Cunt participated in the vocals in the years 1990-1991, Napalm Death, Exhumed and Heresy among other, paid tribute by doing covers, and a whole bad mess was made around Siege, well, to be honest, for self-promotion if it was a band or profiteering for a record label respectively. What remains, however, after listening to the album, is the vulgarity, both in play and in the production, which makes this a must, if one respects oneself and appreciates the whole spectrum of extreme metal, especially let alone in this raw stage, mainly punk and before even (or more precisely in the shadow of) ‘Darkness Descends’ or ‘Pleasure Τo Kill’ define the extreme.