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Sign Of Cain, an international death metal group, featuring Tomer Hasenfratz (Viscera Trail), Tomy Minas (The Sin), Tuval Refaeli (Viscera Trail, Equilibrium), David Mauritzon (Razorrape) and none other than Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates, The Lurking Fear), has recently released its debut album ‘To Be Drawn And To Drown’ via Apostasy Records. Check the cover artwork and the tracklist below.

sign of cain cover

1. Sign of Cain
2. The Earth Collapses Behind
3. Path of the Feeble
4. Thunders Never Followed
5. Scatter
6. Remembrance and Pain
7. Empires Ablaze with Unrest
8. Bearing Eyes
09. Again I Shed

The group revealed the song ‘Bearing Eyes’, you can listen below:


Tomas Lindberg – Vocals (At The Gates, Disfear, The Lurking Fear)
Tomer Hasenfratz – Guitar, Backing vocals (Viscera Trail)
Tomy Minas – Guitar (The Sin)
Tuval Refaeli – Drums (Viscera Trail, Equilibrium)
David Mauritzon – Bass (Razorrape)