Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Japan
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Year: 2021

Japan’s Significant Point were formed a decade ago, somewhere in 2011. They are a Traditional Heavy Metal band influenced by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Rainbow, Accept, Loudness, MSG, Pretty Maids, Eve, Xero, Dio and many more …I first heard about them somewhere in 2018 when a press kit from Inferno Records informed us in Metal Invader about the back then new 7″EP from the Tokyo based band. Truth be told I didn’t pay much attention and it was a couple of days ago when I reviewed Sandstorm’s EP that I saw again their name (both bands now are on Germany-based indie label Dying Victims Productions) and when a friend of mine; Nestoras that I have mentioned many times as a great metalhead with strong discotheque and knowledge on what he will suggest to others to hear or buy, that told me: “Check these lunatics and feel 18 again!”. So I did, and this is why I write these lines right now…

Significant Point was formed by the two axemen Kazuki Kuwagaki & Gou Takeuchi in March 2011 and went through many line-up changes, before they released their first demo in 2014, and got distribution in Japan and Taiwan, as also in France via LEGION OF DEATH Records. After the aforementioned 7” EP via Inferno Records, they are now in the very pleasant position on releasing their first full length. Finally.

The album is fast, heavy and totally loud! The album features 10 of the best songs Takeuchi have written in the past 10 years since the band was formed. So it is a kind of an anthology of their course, with its ups and downs, but mostly a record that radiates onwards a “never quit-never surrender” attitude. The song structure is simple, but the riffs are awesome and frenetic, while the rhythm section is steady and the vocal lines are full of energy and enthusiasm, yet totally high quality.

44 minutes after pushing play you will understand why bands like Significant Point and albums like “Into The Storm” are important to keep the flame burning,as the quintent turns to be true defenders of the faith…

Highlights: “Attacker,” “Heavy Metal Attack,” “Danger Zone,” “Night of the Axe” and “Deathrider.”