Genre: Power Metal
Country: Greece
Year: 2018

Silent Winter are a very interesting case of a band. The reason is that despite being active since 1995, their first full length album comes out in May 2019. There have been two demos in the 90’s and this EP that was released last year, which works as a first taste of their first full work. The band is based in Volos, and it’s fully renewed in terms of line up since two decades ago. Seeing that they were formed in 1995 and listening to their power metal, it occurred to me right away how popular, powerful and loved was the genre back then. Things have changed now but quality suggestions are always welcome. Such is The War is Here. Well played power metal emphasizing on melody and vocal lines. Since referring to the vocals, behind the mic is Mihalis Livas, a singer with experience in this style, who also gives the needed dynamics to the compositions. Another characteristic is the use of keys which is dominant, and they are well placed aiming to make the songs more colorful. All these characteristics together with the up tempo frequencies for the most part, place Silent Winter to the European power metal wagon. The EP has one intro and five tracks. I pinpointed the catchy self titled track and Far Away, which was in their second demo but here the production has finally done it justice. The War is Here has succeeded, as it has raised our mood for the upcoming full length this Spring.