Genre: Progressive
Country: Italy
Year: 2020

It is good when you got friends who know your taste in music. My friend Christine from I Scream Radio show introduced me to those amazing Prog newcomers from Palermo, Italy. SILVER NIGHTMARES are about to release their debut “The Wandering Angel” private CD and I am actually witnessing something very interesting going on with this band.

There are six songs included on this particular release. The “Wandering Angel” opener also comes on a “radio edit version”. In this particular composition the band sets its starting point which is a combination of Neo Prog, Melodic Hard Rock and Pomp rock stuff. You know: Fish era MARILLION, STYX and even some BOB CATLEY / TEN stuff: Beautiful lead guitar parts, into the point verses and a polyphonic chorus would generate a shining composition.

In the second “Dick Dastardly” track however things are starting to become a little bit different but still interesting, as the band brings into the foreground a more adventurous and surrealistic approaching, straightly influenced by the 70s Italian Prog Universe.

On the third “Light Years Away” track which I consider as the best composition EP, I am noticing a serious approaching to the 70s -and even later- Swedish Prog universe, the Pomp / Hard rock elements are still clear and shiny in this one, but I surely cannot ignore this melancholic, warm touch that opens our favorite Swedish Prog realms once again!

On “David The King” the Scandinavian narrative Prog influences will shine even brighter or darker? Well you will choose. Amazing song with some beautiful folk touches as well.

The final “Dame Nature” is a beautiful Neo Prog anthem. Piano driven, catchy and melodic. You will find yourself playing this one again and again for sure. Pay attention to the song’s great epilogue part.

I was surely amazed by the music of those newcomers. The production on their songs could be a little bit better but OK this is their first EP and I am sure it will be much more improved on the next release. But at the end of the day who cares about the production when a band delivers such beautiful songs? Well, this release made my day. Spend some of your valuable time and discover this band. You will for sure not going to regret it.