Genre: Death Metal
Country: Netherlands
Label: Massacre Records
Year: 2017

Bands like Sinister have been a part of death metal legacy since the birth of the genre (active since 1988), and they are also a part of the great Dutch death metal scene alongside with Asphyx, Pestilence, Altar, Thanatos and Monastery, among others. To be honest, Sinister’s releases over the last decade have let me down; “Dark Memorials” (2015) however, as well as their tribute to all those legendary bands, have brought my hopes up for a respectful return. And my hopes and wishes have come true with “Syncretism”! An album that brings Sinister up to the major (Death Metal) league once more. Something they clearly deserve. Of course, we should not expect a second “Cross the Styx”, but this release stands side by side with this historical album. Using great sound production (not very raw, neither too polished), good songwriting and of course their skills and experience, Sinister provide us the opportunity to let them up praise. The excellent use of synths when needed (giving a majestic essence), the excellent drumming (trademark of their music) and well-executed riffs comprise the material that makes the difference. “Neurophobic”, “Confession Before Slaughter” and “Convulsion of Christ” are representative songs and my personal highlights. The very good artwork by Mr. Alexander Tartsus should be mentioned too. Nothing else needs to be said; this is one of the best albums so far this year, totally enjoyable and true. Check it out!