Dark, theatrical (without vocal exaggerations thankfully, as their vocalist couldn’t reach those high notes), occult thematology, intense rock aesthetics, mainly influenced by Mercyful Fate, paying all respects to the ’70s rock guitars (pretty much like Judas Priest of that era), N.W.O.B.H.M. riffs, some spare melancholy here and there and last but not least Angel Witch; they are In Solitude from Sweden and this is their third studio album “Sister”. Their first two ones sudio albums, “In Solitude” and “The World, The Flesh, The Devil” made a great impression to me (and to most metaheads outhere), especially their debut which was loved a lot back to its release date, despite the fair amount of negativity coming from some oldschool/true metal fans who accused them of trying to rip off Mercyful Fate and their more rock-influenced sound. The truth is that “Sister” has a lot more goth elements (Killing Joke-like post punk ones), much more than the average metalhead can take. The album however, is mainly Heavy Metal, is a great one and of course can be heard by a bigger audience; it’s not only for fans of the genre (fortunately). Apart from Mercyful Fate and Angel Witch, some Swans, Sisters Of Mercy, Devil’s Blood, some Ghost and definitely Danzig’s “A Buried Son” can be heard, all of which in a heavy metal nutshell. It’s not just a good record since it includes this one tracks that takes the entire album to the top, “Lavender”, which is also the first single, the self titled and then come “Pallid Hands”, “Horses In The Ground” (which looks like a Mercyful Fate demo), and Death Knows Here, while “Inmost Nigredo” can stand alone, apart from the rest. Also, Pallid Hands could stand on its own because of all the feelings that can give to the listener and not because of its structure and complexibility. Henrik Palm and Niklas Lindstrom are a perfect combination, coming straight from the ’80s while Pelle Ahman touches the melancholic moon with his voice. “Sister” is the band’s swansong, since the band left us in a short period of time when they managed to make a great impression to everyone.