Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Metal Blade Records
Year: 2017

Album number 12 for S.F.U., and if we include the “Graveyard Classics” series, we are talking about 16 studio album releases. But honestly, there’s no reason why we should care about it at all, it would have been a better choice if they wouldn’t even recorded it! Dear Lord how did they managed to release something more disgusting than ”Crypt of the Devil”? Entitled ”Torment”, the 12-song album is like hearing the same old song over and over again. Not even 12 versions of the same song. Childish rhythm section, damn monotonous, and a vocal delivery that can’t save the game even though it’s still ferocious and brutal as fuck. The sound is awful and prosaic and the blastbeats… yeah the blastbeats… i have to admit that someone has to put too much effort to create something so bad as this album! I feel I have spend too much time for a too mediocre album and i don’t think anyone wants to know where this album was recorded, who created the artwork etc etc… DON’T buy this album and go get a copy of “Haunted” or buy “The Bleeding” from Cannibal Corpse if you wanna hear the real Chris Barnes. Go To Hell !!!

1,5/6 (only for Barnes’ vocals)