Genre: Epic Heavy/Speed Metal
Country: US (Seattle, Washington)
Label: Gates Of Hell Records
Year: 2022

From faraway Seattle, epic metallers, Skelator, numbering albums for almost twenty years are about to unleash their fire with “Blood Empire” EP. With their latest full length, “Cyber Metal”, being released in 2019, the band emerge with their next ep— a four-song journey that brings to life their Star Trek worship with true, unbowed heavy metal and that captures the band at their epic and thrashing best. As “Cyber Metal” musically and lyrically had elements outside the band’s comfort zone, we did expect this same lightning to strike. All four songs feature marauding NWOBHM-inspired guitar lines with Houston- Steinway duet spitting fire with exceptional shredding and melodic glismpes. Detailed concept from the mind of vocalist Jason Conde-Houston who worships the whole record. Their first album on Gates of Hell Records left an immediate impression on denizens across the metal globe who wondered where the band would head next. The answer is the “Blood Empire” EP, a four-song platter that marries SKELATOR’s penchant for both epic and punctuating thrash numbers.

The EP was recorded in September and October 2021 at the band’s rehearsal studio and home studios, as guitarist Robbie Houston has some serious production skills and dealt also with mixing the album. Houston tracked Patrick Seick’s drums and Conde-Houston’s vocals while leaving fellow guitarist Rob Steinway and bassist Leona Hayward to record on their own. Τhe album seems to have a perfect symmetry with the 2 Vs 2 tracks, “Good Day to Die” and “The First Empire” epic heavy metal swords and chains style and two metal thrashing mad ones, “Deeds of Honor” and “Bloodwine.” It is the beginning of “The Kahless Trilogy” that will chronicle the many deeds that Kahless did to make his empire come true and ties into the Max Nazaryan-created cover art that shows Kahless having his final batter with his brother, Morath, on the peak of a volcano.

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