Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Century Media
Year: 2018

From the first moment I pressed the play button, I got stuck on this album. It’s one of these moments in life that you don’t know much about a release and the band behind it, but from the very first seconds you know that you’re listening to a masterpiece and that the result is fucking killer! It’s like we’re back in the early 90’s. From the very first note, from the very first abyssal scream that send shivers down my spine and from the very first groove of the band it seems like time stopped back then.

Chris’s voice resembles a mix of Van Drunen, Gubbels and Tardy with a touch of Reifert…Unbelievable even though it is real! The album reminded me a lot of Pestilence’s Consuming Impulse in a lot of ways. It has this particular pace and rhythm. There’s solos here and there that take you back to the years of Death’s existence as well as lots of Suffocation influences. All of the above can make some turn away obviously because according to them: “they are lacking of originality” or whatever and others will just cheer about it. Lots of bands are trying to pay tribute to everything that has to do with the “old school” spirit. I personally believe that in the occasion of Skeletal Remains, this can only work positively on them!

What should I talk about first? The production? Marvelous on every point, dynamic, tight, powerful and full of volume. Dan Swano left us speechless once again. The performance is flawless, the drums are destroying churches, the guitars are spitting fire, the bass is ripping the earth apart and the vocalist is throwing his guts up. All of the above plus (my all time favorite artists) Dan Seagrave’s artwork as the cherry on the top! What else do you need from this album to get convinced? Yeah sure it has got too many clichés but it fucking kills! If you’re into death metal and you’re nostalgic about the ’87-’93 period, don’t even think about it! If you’re not that much into death metal on the other hand, get this album because there’s not a better example of how death metal should sound nowadays!

Despite the band flirting with old school death metal, they managed to “mix” different styles on this release. We’ve got the classic ultra slow “graveyard” type of moments that reek of death, lots of blast beats, melodies with double tracked solos and lots and lots of thrashing. These guys know how to play whatever they want and they expose this by showing their teeth.

The only thing i got to say is : Congratulations to everyone who was involved in the creation of this album! Fucking killer!