B-otherSide records proudly presents the vinyl release of the “Sacrilege” O.S.R. composed by Nikos Xydakis, directed by Marsa Makris, which was awarded the prize of Best Soundtrack at  the International Otranto Film Fund Festival (OFFF) of 2018. The score is a unique blend of avant garde recordings, along with experimental elements. The musicians which contribute along with Nikos Xydakis are Babis Nikou on guitar & electronic soundscapes, Dimitris Mpouzanis onkeys and sound mixing and Yiannis Gkikas on keys and sound recording. The sound mixing was developed under Nikos Xydakis’ supervision and the recordings took place at Studio Luseed and Studio 17 by Babis Nikou. The sound design and the final  mix was by Yiorgos Ramantanis at DNA Lab. The vinyl mastering was by Yiannis Kyris (www.kyris.gr) and the design of the sleeves, innersleeves, boxes and all memorabilia of the Special Edition by Thanasis Xanthakos (Plan 59), with photo material provided by the movie’s cinematographer Dimitris Theodoropoulos.

The “Sacrilege” soundtrack is been released at 200 hand numbered copies which contain a 4 page color insert with behind the scene photos, credits and two articles by Antonis Boskoitis and Antonis Gkoumas providing their reflections on the movie. The first 60 copies will be presented a Cine-Memorabilia  Special Box which includes a leather box set with silverprints, 2 pins with original symbols from the movie’s themes, 7 postcards and the official cinema poster of the movie, 50cm X 70cm, signed by the two main characters, Blaine L. Reininger (ex-Tuxedomoon) and Loukia Michalopoulou, the composer Nikos Xydakis and the director Marsa Makris.

Official Release Date : 27/12/2020

You can hear the full movie soundtrack here :